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How do you find the professional beauty supply stores? In school we went on field trips to them, but I'm moving to another state I just can't find them, I see them all online but nothing with a physical location.
You can google "salon supply" and then your city. Beauty supply might bring up Malys or Ed Wyse or a chain salon supply, so try that too. "beauty supply" usually brings back too many Sally Beauty type places. I find my best prices on disposable items at the vietnamese supply store (which I think is only in very large cities). It has a very common store name, not in vietnamese language, so you may find one of those to buy your files/buffers, etc. Ours even has top brands of gel and Gelish/Shellac. I called to make sure they were true distributors and they were. Big Grin HTH.
I'll try that...because I've been typing in any combination I can think of...even called & they say they are professional only supply stores, I say do I need a license to shop there, oh nooooo....then you aren't professional only lol.