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Full Version: Would you do contagious feet?
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I was taught in school not to accept anyone with fungal and bacterial infections and pus formations. Instead refer them to a doctor, for the safety of myself and my clients.
At my new job I've noticed they will accept anyone, even with athlete's feet and warts.
So I was wondering, is it a bad idea to not accept a client with an infection that is contagious?


I don't know what your local regulations are in regards to working on "infected" clients. I would not, even if I were not already restricted by laws here. It's a risk to myself, the client and my other clients. You can be very diligent in cleaning, but I would still but trust it if the infection is present. It's just to risky.
Hi Sleepyflower, welcome Smile

I see you are in Quebec, you probably suffer from the same lack of real clear direction that many of us do in Canada - however I'm sure you must have a local board of health that provides guidelines on this. Mine does (I am not to treat fungal nails). Hope this helps!
I do not ever, under any circumstances work on an infected client, even if I have the slightest suspicion they may have a beginning fungus...service is DONE. I am polite, courteous, and compassionate about explaining the risk not only to me but also my other clients if I were to spread something to them. In addition my state does not allow us to work on infected persons.
Yep, same here. Ah, another reason I quit that awful first Job I had, ugh, they made me take anyone and I was forced to work on two clients with pre-fungus/early fungus (both girls had 1 singular thickened, yellowing nail). That, and I won't clip cuticles.