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Full Version: The book, Death by Pedicure
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Back Again by Member Request.
I am Dr Spalding and I have several nail techs who have asked me to return since the recent release of my book, Death by Pedicure. The book is a compilation of 8 years of lecturing to the beauty industry and focuses on infections in nail salons, recent multiple deaths as well as how to obtain written permission to treat dystrophic nails and refer to physicians via special forms in my book when you discover nail pathology in your salon. The book has 300 pages of important information pertaining to your profession and has 45 color photographs that have not been previously seen in my lectures. I offer the book/poster combo at a reduced rate for Beautytech members by calling my office at 423-756-3668 or emailing me at [email protected] Please email with any questions. Anyone who has experienced a nail salon infection please go to and give detailed information. Good to be Back.