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Full Version: CND Shellac CANADIAN Techs PLEASE read
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SO I'm trying to send my Cnd Shellac lamp back for some repair work (under warenty) They sent me an email that they cant ship the lamps to canada because of customes and that they are trying to figure out wat to do the saidn in the email that "we are sooooo sorry. Try to find a loca repair shopt to fix your lamp"
UM Helloooooooo I have spent thousands of dollars on shellac in the last year and you cant do anything? And what am I goona do about not having a lamp? Uggg so fustrated!!!!!! My supplier said they are going to see what they can do.....
That reasoning doesn't sound quite right - I don't understand why they can't ship something here - customs or no customs, it doesn't matter. I order products from the US all the time and they arrive just fine. I would ask for clarification on that, or ask to speak with somebody else.
I forwarded my supply rep. Email from CND. They are dealing with it now
Definitely doesn't sound right. They can ship product to the supply stores there right?? You somehow GOT their product in Canada right? Well, hmmmm....

I suggest CND calls a supply store there in Canada on your behalf and authorizes you to go pick up a new one immediately! You can give them your old one in exchange. True customer service, IMO.
Customs should not be a problem. If a product is returned and the commercial invoice states "Returned for repair under warranty", then customs won't charge a duty. They may ask for proof of original shipment and import though - but that should also not be a problem.
If it does not get resolved please email me Smile