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Full Version: Returning to the field and looking for advice
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Good morning! I found this forum last week and have spent hours reading old posts looking for good tips.

This is my story. I graduated from nail school close to 15 years ago. I worked in a salon for a few years and was offered a job in a medical office from an old employer that I couldn't pass up so I quit doing nails. I have kept my license current and done nails for friends from time to time just to keep in practice a little. I am very rusty though.

My cousin has a salon with two hair stylists. She recently re-did the salon and asked me to join her as a nail tech to provide manicures and pedicures only. No acrylics. I am very excited to get back into doing nails.

There are a few hair salons in town that offer nails and a couple nail only salons and most specialize in acrylics. No one really specializes in mani/pedi. I am looking to offer the best manicures and pedicures they can imagine! Does anyone have any advice? What can I offer in my mani/pedi that will knock their socks off? I want to make them count down the days until their next service!

Thanks in advance! I hope to get to know you all.


I personally recommend a good refresher coarse in natural nail care, and their disease and disorders. If you have time follow Doug Schoon's brain ( on natural nail anatomy) its very helpful. And I believe there are classes on spa manicures and the benefits of product. I don't know if anyone will be able to tell you as much as show you what a really excellent manicure needs.
To give a fantastic service you will need to be knowledgeable about the product you are using, and knowledgeable about the nail, its make up, the diseases or disorders that can affect it, and what you can and cannot work on, or what to look for, and you should be very skilled at proper filing, pushing, nipping, and massage technique. I hope that helps.. Anyone can give a mediocre manicure, and some can give a really good manicure, but to give one that is above all others needs some more detail than the rest.
I am hoping someone can point you in the right direction for continuing education on manicures and pedicures, if not, contact your local beauty college and or beauty supply and ask what is being offered near you.

Doug Schoon's facebook, I think it has a link to the videos.
Thank you so much, sobeit. I am off to check out that FB link. I will also check around to see about a refresher course. I appreciate your thoughts.


If you like I would be happy to help you with the steps and product suggestions as well as terminology of common things you may see. I have natural nail clients that can wear traditional polish 10-14 days. I also have a link to common disorders and what can be done with them. Just shoot me an email
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Doug Schoon's book "Nail Structure and Product Chemistry" is a great book along with all the advice Sobeit gave you.

In addition to that, you might find out what the other salons in the area are offering as far as manicures and pedicures, then do something above and beyond what they are doing. I opened a salon 3 years ago that offered services that were very different than all the salons in the area. At that time, all we did were mani's and pedi's. No gel, no acrylic and we were very successful.

I'd be happy to explain how we did our services, but it's much too much to post everything here. If you'd like, you can send me an email and I will help you however I can. [email protected]
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will be e-mailing you both. I so appreciate your input!