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Full Version: Has anyone tried CND earth line? or Nailite Cocoa line?
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Please! I need to find a pedicure that gives a real warm sensation. I never tried the new CND warming scrub or Nailite has a cocoa line that the scrub is supposed to warm.Any opinions? I need to order something this week.
Thank so much
I didn't like Creative Earth, and I was taught on their products and still use them today, so I really do love Creative, just not this line. The warming scrub doesn't warm enough for my clients to ooh and ahh over it. The mask wants to adhere to dry sections of the foot and discolor it, even after I scrub and scrub and make sure to exfoliate first and hydrate. It seems the mask is only good for feet that are already perfect.

I don't know any other warming scrubs, but I am sure they are out there. Heck, there are over the counter conditioners and face washes that warm.

I wonder what ingredients in it are causing the warming reaction. Maybe you can do the same with a scrub you make yourself???
Thanks Footie! I almost place an order today. I will just impatiently wait for the nailite samples to arrive. There has to be something spectacular out there!
Thanks again
I believe it is calcium oxide that CND uses to cause the warming.
Thanks Broder. I guess I won't be playing with warming scrubs anytime soon!

Quote:Cement is an alkali, but warrants special mention. Cement (calcium oxide) penetrates clothing and reacts with sweat, and an exothermic reaction takes place releasing heat. The dry powder will cause a desiccation injury if not exposed to moisture. Hydrated calcium oxide becomes calcium hydroxide. An injury progresses as with a strong alkali, and the critical substance responsible for skin damage is the hydroxyl ion. Typically the victim does not know for hours that a burn has occurred as it is often a painless process, under clothing. Treatment consists of removal of contaminated clothing and washing the burn area with soap and water. Surgical excision is likely to be required as these injuries are often deeper than they first appear.
Hey Footie, I immediately googled calcium oxide also. Was thinking of making a concoction and decided not too. Now I'm checking out the CND Marine cool mask. Went from hot to cold.
Both CND Masques are easier to remove if after the 5 minutes you put them in the foot bath for 30 seconds with the towel still on then massage them off using the towel.
I love love love the Earth line. It smells like Nutmeg. A nice change from fruity or flower sent.