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Full Version: TEN gel users
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Hello there.

Can those using the TEN gel. tell me what do you like most about this gel line? Also, any dislikes. I am considering trying this gel and have heard good things about it on BT but not sure how many nail techs are currently using this gel line.

Also, any users in Illinois, particularly in the Chicagoland suburbs?

It has a low dispersion layer that makes it have heat spikes, but once you figure out the technique it's not so bad. Love Love Love the linkage primer, I use it for my frequent lifters and as soon as I get some more I am going to use it for everyone, with my NSI acrylic system. All my clients are acrylic but I have used there gel a couple of times.
What I love:
No tacky layer at the end
It is thin
Very Strong
Linkage Primer
Customer Service

What I don't love:
Heat spike
It is thin (I know that I love it for that reason, but if I am embedding something, I prefer it to be thicker, but if you put it on thicker the heat spike is worse.
Price. I know the price isn't terrible and is similar to others, but right now, my town is so depressed and business is slow, I am still building.

All that being said, I do love the gel, the pigments and the primer.
nailfun, rather than trying to apply it thicker to cover the embedded stuff, try thinner layers with a 3-5 second cure inbetween. That stops the heat spike and gets the job done with no heat. Also, cure outside the light about 6-8" when trying to use larger amounts. I've got pix showing this if you're interested. Big Grin
I love the SPEED. You don't have to cure each layer completely before adding the next layer. Can even file before it is completely cured. Then after final layer (clear or color) you cure for 2 minutes, add the diamond shine and cure for 2 minutes. Really speeds up the process over having to cure each layer completely before adding the next.
So happy to hear all the positive comments about TEN. And I truly appreciate your support. The one big negative about TEN is the heat spike but once you learn how to properly flash cure that can be avoided. The type of gel that TEN is allows it to be applied very thin and gives it it's remarkable flexibility. But it also has to have a large amount of photo initiators to start the curing process which in turn causes the heat spike. The really quick flash in and out of the uv lights allows the curing to happen in short fast flashes reducing the heat spikes. Any time you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to help in anyway i can..