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Full Version: Buying OPI polish online
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Where can I buy OPI nail polish at a reasonable price online?

I don’t live near large beauty supply stores, Cosmo-Proof is my only source near me (60 miles away) and they do not have a large selection of ANYTHING for nailtechs. I’m looking for an online supplier with reasonable prices and shipping, and a large sellection of colors. My clients still prefer OPI over anything else and it is getting harder and harder for me to find.
I have the same problem and would love to know as well. From googling I can't seem to find any reliable sources for professionals out there. I have requests for colors not available here.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

After doing some digging, I found that The Nail Super Store sells a limited supply of OPI polish. It didn’t look like they have the new colors, but at least it’s a place to buy the classics.

Hope this helps.
Thanks! I appreciate the info. OPI has made getting their product very difficult for those who cannot make it to cosmoprof the day the collection comes out. My clients prefer the brand and the classic color names they know. I do all my shopping online, why not polishes!

Thanks again for the info Big Grin
Ok ladies,
If you go to the INDUSTRY SOURCE you will be able to get almost all of the opi colors. Also the new collections that came out. Also if you go to you will be able to find the colors and where to purchase them. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for that info. I have googled a few places myself, but some of them seem pretty sketchy and unlikely to be legit.

It's good to have recommendations from good, professional sources.