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Full Version: Peggy - HELP!
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I have a mission for you if you choose to accept.
My cousin has requested "turkey" nails for Thanksgiving. Do you have any tutorials or ideas on how I can do them? Remember...I'm creatively challenged! (no matter what you say!) the easier the better! Thanks! xo


Funny you ask, I was just coming up with fun ideas for turkeys, pilgrims, and Indians, and maybe a cornucopia. I absolutely will get you a turkey asap. I am taking this week off so I will work on them tomorrow. I hope the forum doesn't get annoyed with me making so many threads. I will try and keep them in holiday themes and do more than one tutorial per title.
Wait, do you want this turkey to yourself in an email? Way excited to make him.
Peggy - not that you don't have enough to do already, but would you mind doing a tutorial for fall leaves? I have a few requests for those and would love it if you could do one.

Thanks so much!!
No please share him here so everyone can admire your work and use them as well. No rush, I won't do her nails again til Nov 9th. Thank you! ( oh yes fall leaves would be wonderful too!!!)


Ooh, fall leaves. Heck yea. I have several ideas I just want to narrow down so it's not to much. Big Grin