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Full Version: Shellac is in stock
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Industry source has the first 6 in stock
Says the are pre selling only, not avail til Sept
Actually, I received an email from them saying they got it in earlier than expected.....


Got the same e-mail.
Figures... Peels said they dont have a clue when they are coming out and then didnt even know OPI was coming out with gel polish.
Has anybody gotten their new Shellacs from The Industry Source yet? This email had me all hopeful but it's now the first and they haven't arrived Sad. I placed my preorder on August 1st.
I ended up getting them all last week through cosmoprof.
lol, I feel like if I preorder thru CosmoProf, they're the last ones to get it, if I preorder thru TNG, they're the last ones to get it...I can't win! I looks like they've charged my account today, so I s'pose its on its way!
No, I actually received them beginning of last week from Aerial which is cosmoprof now I believe. They had them way before Peels did.