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Full Version: Gelac? Being discontinued or being Kept? Who Knows?
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My co-worker went to to figure out whether the rumors about gelac being fazed out were true or not. Our salespeople here and the ibd facebook page said that it was being kept. She got an email today from consumer relations saying the following:

Dear Leana,

Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to assist you today.

We will not be moving forward with Gelac. We will be introducing a product called JustGel this fall. Please be sure to check starting in September for updates.

We currently offer 75 different Soak Off Gel polishes and 100 traditional gel polishes. They are not the same as Gelac. Gelac is a gel hybrid and the gel polishes are 100% gel.

If you need further assistance please contact us again.

Have a great day!

Abigail Bryant
Consumer Relations
American International Industries
2220 Gaspar Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
Email: [email protected]
Website: <>

- How unfortunate!
I tried the gelac. Was never happy with it. It never lasted more than a week. My Shellac always lasts over 3 weeks.
Update: Heard from ibd on facebook. They don't understand where the person above got the info... but she is NOT aware of any discontinuing of gelac. She asked me to forward her the email so she could look into it.

Cross your fingers!

We have been doing gelish, shellac and gelac and LOVE LOVE them all. Have good luck with all three.
I don't mean to be picky but let me be honest about IBD from my own personal experiences, JMHO. As a gel fanatic frantically trying every Line I can out there to find my "match", let me tell you, I did not appreciate IBD. Even after flash-curing, it would still travel occasionally, making the finishing "filing" laborious, tons of high and low points, and that was with a thin, evenly applied coat, too. Oh, the frustration I had using it, I tell ya. The feedback I got from friends using Gelac was not positive, as well.

I know there's a huge debate going on about the Company "selling out", but if you want an easily accessible, easy to apply, won't-get-thick-in the-bottle-quickly-SOGP, then I suggest Gelish. It's a great Product.

JMHO, just trying to help. Good luck hun. Smile
I was getting the impression from the current ads in NAILS and Nalpro Magazines that i.b.d's Gelac and EZ Flow's GelEz were both being transitioned to a pure gel product. eco So Quick was the first pure gel - gel and pigment mix. It also is in a pot not a bottle. Personally I find it much easier to apply, having super control with my gel brush as to the thickness - therefore maximizing it's long lasting hold. My clients never whisper about how they could do this themselves!

eco So Quick's colors are all the same base gel ingredient, with different pigments. This is great for those of us who like to experiment with mixing colors. There are no solvents to evaporate. The product will NOT thicken or get more difficult to apply as time goes on.

You can request a FREE sample at:
EVERY bottle of gelac I purchased dried up. total lose of money.
I have 3 bottles left out of 15 that have not dried up! The only good thing I can say about this is that IBD did refund my money but it was a great disappointment!
dmb71 :
> I have 3 bottles left out of 15 that have not dried up! The only good thing
> I can say about this is that IBD did refund my money but it was a great disappointment!

How did you go about that? Cuz, I have some bottles to return ASAP! I'm sure my receipt is gone! Y
I returned them to my supplier and she sent them back to IBD
I had 6 bottles and my supplier accepted them back and I exchanged them for another line....GEleration in which I love!!!! I was told that Gelac is being reformulated without the solvents in it and now is called Just Gel.
Jessica GELeration carries beautiful colors and even has matching polish if you wanted to retail to your clients for touch ups or for toes ) I saw a client of mine in the grocery store and she yelled at me from 6 lanes over raising her hand and shouting....3 weeks!!lol