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Full Version: Shellac nail prep
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I'm thinking about trying the shellac gel polish, but I'm wondering what the nail prep is like. I googled it and found a video from CND and it just looks like it's the same nail prep as a manicure (filing nails, pushing back cuticles) and cleaning nails with scrub fresh. Is that all? There's no buffing of the top of the nails like you do with Gel nails?


There is no buffing needed for Shellac. Since it has components of regular polish it, it is not necessary. It is just like applying polish except for the curing in the UV light.

I do a dry cuticle removal with an electric file, but others have said they have used cuticle remover with no problems. If you use a remover be sure and scrub quite a bit to ensure you remove all the remover residue from the nail.

It is easy! Enjoy!
Here is a Shellac application start to finish if that would help: