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Full Version: Its almost here!! Akzentz NEW Luxio Line!
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Akzentz Luxio will be shipping to me this month! I'm going to try to get it early for a launch and PREVIEW party, so stay tuned. But here is your VERY FIRST look at the new line and colors. It goes on incredibly easy and really does soak off fantastically in 10 minutes. Its completely solvent free 100% gel - which means no drying out, white spots, no oil needed and not the brittle chipping on the ends. None of my testers have had stress area cracks either, which was surprising to me! Its fantastic and the gloss is unreal. So incredibly shiny I have been using up every sample bottle I've gotten! I LOVE it (and its a cheaper price point than the regular UV line!)

So here are the colors in the first collection... drum roll please!

[Image: Luxio.jpg]

If you would like the full size picture emailed to you let me know.
So Jess, are your prices going to be a little cheaper than lets say "Shellac"?
Hi Jess. IBD is coming out with a 100% gel soak off polish also. Can you sum up why one would choose the 100% gel vs Shellac/Gelac/Gelish? I guess I am confused about what the difference is since they both soak off? I guess I need a gel polish for dummies lesson. HA!
Hi Ladies!

Tricia, Akzentz Luxio will be $19.95 for .5oz - which is twice the size of a Shellac bottle. There is a special price for the introductory launch of 15% off or $16.95 a bottle.

Teri there are differences with many of the gels. Akzentz has had a soak off gel for many years and over 100 colors - but it doesn't soak off quickly. With the dawn of the gels that soak off in 10 minutes of less and come in a bottle as opposed to a pot, Akzentz started working on our own custom formulation. Its taken years to get it *just right* - we wanted a gel polish that will still last perfectly 2-3 weeks on clients (just saw one with 5 weeks of perfection), but soak off time needed to be quick since thats what salons are now accustomed to. The lack of solvent in Luxio helps eliminate problems like excessive drying out, white spots, chipping and thickening in the bottle.

So really its those particular things. Solvent gel polishes as much easier to make than solvent free, which is why its taken a bit of time for Akzentz to launch Luxio - they refused to release it until it was just right... we're talking 7 days a week of chemistry tweaking to create the perfect formula that is super shiny, lasts incredibly well and going to through thorough testing and comparisons to be sure that the formula was superior and still soaks off in 10 minutes.

LAUNCH PARTY will take place August 28th at 7pm (was hoping for the 14th, but waiting on my shipment!). Bring a friend, test the product, see the colors, see some friends and have a snack and some bubbly to toast Luxio! Event will take place at LuvNailz in Bellevue. Please RSVP by email if you would like to join us~!

If you are attending the NW Networking event in October, there WILL be some Luxio given away as a raffle!!

Any other questions feel free to ask. Smile
Hey Jess! How are you doing with Luxio shrinking from the free-edge and cuticle area?
I apply my base VERY thin and even wiped the dispersion layer off as I do with Base n'Gloss. It works for the most part but I used Currant the other day and it still shrank back from the f/e before I cured it.
Since you've been testing it for a while, I'm sure you've got it all figured out!! :wink:

Did you try encasing a free edge with color?
It works for me, there is no shrinking back from free edge.
Are you using LED light or UV light. I found curing Luxio in LED light is faster and it will not allow shrinking.
We had our Luxio Demo today and I sold out all my stock, time to order more. Big Grin
Yes, I sealed the free-edge. I found it only on the darker colors...or at least that's where I noticed it!

Do you wipe the base coat as well?

I haven't cured in LED yet but it was pulling back a bit before it even went in the light.
I haven't been wiping the base coat - I haven't been doing it SUPER thin either, just like a standard base coat. I typically just check before they go in the light to be sure there isn't any shrunk and they are pretty good. If your bulbs are getting weak it might be causing a very slow cure, which may allow it to shrink.

Lana, had a demo class today too. Love the colors in this collection Smile
Bulbs are brand spankin' new so that can't be it. It's shrinking before it even cures. It reminds me exactly of the Base n'Gloss with regular Options colors.

I will keep fooling around with it though. I know I'm not the only one who has had this happen.

Jess - are you curing in LED or UV?
UV. Akzetnz LED lights aren't out yet (but they are super cool, I'm excited to get one when they do!)