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Full Version: Nubar?
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We are curently looking into purchasing the Nubar polish and was wondering is it beter to order from the website or the distributer?
i think the website is easier for the customer.

good polish, you will like it Smile

Depends on where you are located and who your rep or distributor is. Sometimes we can offer you some discounts that are not on the web site.

Where are you located?
We are in Louisville,Ky.
Ahhh Louisville, my friends Kim and Monty Webb moved there from my neighborhood. He's a weather man there on one of your network stations.

Our closest educator/distributor to you is Juli Miller in Ohio. Not sure where in Ohio she is but if you email her, she may be able to offer you some savings over the web prices. Let her know what you are looking to order.
[email protected]

I will let her know to check in on this thread too.
Thanks alot!! I will give the info to my boss.
you are welcome. Juli said she would watch her email.

Shoot her an email with your salon number and she will give you guys a call.