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Full Version: Mexican Nail Art-RANT
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Hi Girls!
I came a cross a Craigslist ad in my area that offered Nail services, Mexican Nail art and Classes. I was intrigued so I called her, she told me she has been doing nails for 5 years and does them on others and she sells lots of nail art items and does classes on how to do your own nails and classes on the Mexican nail art. I asked her how much she charges and for teaching how to do your own nails and the Nail art she charges READY.......$700! She is not a licensed nail tech. When I told her that I was licensed and was wondering if she intended to go to school to get her license she told me yeah eventually.
This Girl does really great Nail Art work and She could be a good nail tech! I know people have to make money in this economy, but these are the stories of people doing nails in their garage and people getting hurt that hurts the rest of us. Because it might be said it was someone that was unlicensed that was doing nails. OK that's my soapbox and I don't rant much, but wanted to share this with all of you!
What is Mexican Nail Art?
It has lot of embedding and lots of jewels