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Full Version: Coming back to work after having a baby
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Hello everyone. I have a dilemma. When I was about 6 weeks pregnant, I became VERY sick with morning sickness 24 hours a day. I had a full book and was alway busy. That was in Jan 2011. I had to stop working and be on bed rest. I am due August 20 and am feeling a lot better!

Here is my situation. I am going to be working out of my home after the baby is born. It is a town away from where I was working in the salon. Its about 15 min away from the town that I was working in. Has anyone come back from a leave and tried to get clients to follow them? What should my letter say? Should I include a pic of me and the baby? What about including a coupon? I am just worried that people may not follow me to my home after being away for some time. Any suggestions? Its always weighing on my mind. I thank you so much.

First, let me say Congratulations Celeste!! How exciting for you and I can't wait to see pics of your new bundle of joy.

Of course their are probably some clients you may not see, for many reasons, but I think that many are probably Waiting to hear from you, will be anxious to get back into your book and won't mind driving to your home.

For the letter, Including a picture would be a great way to personalize the letter and a pic Is worth 1000 words, so I would keep it simple and straightforward. Just saying you're getting back to work and excited to announce the opening of your new home salon and contact info would be enough. Offering them a 'back to work discount' would be a great incentive to get them to come check out your new home salon.
Hope this helps and All the best to you! Smile
I agree with Darcy. The picture is a great idea! To me 15 mins isn't that far at all.

Congrats!! Big Grin
Thank you, thank you!!! Ahhh!! I am so excited/nervous for everything that is happening! So many changes ;o)