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Full Version: reuse files?
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Forgive me, I've been out of school for a while and I thought id ask here before I check the state website. Is it necessary to replace the file and buffer after each client? Is it still okay to put them in seperate baggies or containers for regular clients and reuse them? I just remember whenever I went to the asian places theyg always used pre-used files and buffers on me.... to me it always seemed unprofessional to the extent they'd reuse them, but I'm asking for the "legal" rule
I don't know where you are, but in WA and CA you can't reuse files, buffers or sanding bands, and you can't save them to use on the same client, and they can't bring them back into the salon for reuse. Storing in baggies is a good way to allow bacteria to grow! Just set your prices accordingly, factoring in all your disposable supplies!
You'll need to check your rule book for your state. As stated earlier, some states don't allow reuse. TX. does but they must be brushed clean of debri, washed with soap and water and sanitized.

In storing items for clients, the same has to be done. Regardless as to whether it used on only that client, it still must be cleaned according to state rules. Storing them for clients uses waaaay too much room, imo. Files and such are really cheap now, and with the different types of disposable files out there, reusing is pointless, imo.
I looked into it and no, you cant reuse them. Ill have to find the more disposable ones youre talking about because the ones ive found are $14 for 50 files, which isnt terrible but when im using those same files on myself I get several sets out of eat file!
That is 28c each and is a god price for disposables if they are quality. Most companies will sell them for less if you purchase in bulk, like 5-6-10 boxes each order.
Pedipaddles are usually around 40c in bulk, and with the file and the paddle, that is about $.70.
The usual cost of service (products, etc) should be around 10-12%. If you are charging for your services appropriately and choosing your products with cost as well as quality in mind, that will be about right - if you control waste - a dilemma for most salons and spas.
Re-use is one of the many ways that unethical salons control cost/charge less than the ethical salons.
janmccormk :
>Re-use is one of the many ways that unethical salons control cost/charge less than the ethical salons.

Very good point.