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Full Version: shellac lamp help
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Help. The cord had come out of my lamp. By bf has managed to fish it out of the inside of the unit and re- attach it. This should last me temporarily. Has anyone had experiance with sending their lamps back to cnd? I can't go with out a lamp. What should I do?
The CND Shellac lamp has a removable power cord, so is yours something different?

Also, CND lamp has a one year warranty if there is a problem.
If the piece your cord plugs into has gone down inside the lamp call the hotline 800-833-NAIL
That's exactly what happened. I'm just wondering if anyone has sent their lamp back. Can you tell me the process. Everytime I have a few minutes during my work day to call CND their lines are busy. So I have emailed them and am waiting to here back.
email me your info if you like and I will make sure it gets through holly.schippers at