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Full Version: Pedicure Massage videos?
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Hi! I am getting back into the salon after a long time out. I was wondering if anyone knows of pedicure massage videos. I am interested in "advanced" techniques. Any ideas? Thanks!
I will be doing a mini workshop on massage at the NW Nail Tech Retreat. You should plan on coming.

also, I do get down your way. I was down that way last weekend doing a class on Nubar gel polish at a spa.

I've been doing massage since 1988
Here's a link to a video, I incorporate some of these techniques in my massage, but not all. Smile Hope this helps.
I purchased a DVD called "Comprehensive Reflexology and Massage - The Foot" at a beauty show.

The DVD is available from or phone number 1.800.414.2434. The company name is "Aesthetic VideoSource" from Utah.

Hope that's helpful. Most of the massage instructions I come across are done on a massage bed, and unfortunately, we are doing foot massage at a pedicure unit while the client is seated.
Thanks for the link Darcy! I will have to use some of those moves. When I was in the salon before, I had gotten good at the massage part and clients LOVED it!...why did I have to forget all those tips and tricks!?! :roll:
I am happy you found it helpful. Big Grin There's nothing like a great massage.
We sell several massage videos including all the AVS ones:
Massage DVDs

Reflexology DVDs

Nail DVDs

You might also want to check the Ebook section
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