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Full Version: LI Networking Event
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So, Who will I get to meet or see again in Long Island Sunday or Monday?? Big Grin
Im so sad. I missed the sign up. : (
Oh lots of peeps my dear.. obviously I can;t post a list here.. but 56 techs and 15 educators should make for a very sore throat by 4p Monday Smile

Cindy.. ha.. next time I email a notice sign up is open you'll not back burner it now will you?? <g> sorry hun.. really will miss you.. still have almost 20 people on the waiting list and no one has backed out..
Definitely won't miss it next year! I'm on the waiting list too...

Happy it will be such a successful event though!
Only 1 more sleep 'til I head down, Can't wait!! Big Grin