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Full Version: PNS Lightspeed LED Kit...who's buying?
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Who is going to be the first to check out this new LED system?
When I checked out the color selection I found the alien pics distracting so it was hard for me to imagine how any of the colors actually looked.

The price of the kit, IMO, was high for PNS prices - because it only included one bottle of nail color. I shop PNS regularly and was shocked at this introductory price.

The cost of additional color $9.95 ea for 9mL, which equals .30 ounces. If you can want a comparison use the CND bottle of Sticky, it is .33 ounces.

For me to buy the new gels coming out I have to compare the quality of the product AND the quantiy. Two bottle of this product is $19.90 - a little over a (half ounce) of product.

Half ounces of other high end SOGP now on the market are approximately $16.95. That is $16.95 for a bottle of a well known brand that seems to be the leader in SOGP now days vs. $19.90 for a half ounce of an unknown SOGP - well umm is not in my budget at this time.

If I was going to try the kit to jump in on the LED lamp craze, then I'd have to get more information regarding the lamp it self. I mean I read where those LED are not universal yet, the lamps won't cure every LED cured gel on the market. This lamp could be product specific which limits my options if I don't like their gp.

Final though, with OPI coming out in the fall with their Gelcolor, its getting hard for me to do implulse buys these days with all the off-brand SOGP.

Investing $200 in a system whose product is (so new) would be a long stretch. I don't want to be trouble shooting PNS gel system since I've had to do enough of that with other systems that didn't hold up to their cliams.

If PNS were to offer free samples, I'd be more than happy to test it for them.

I checked out the colors and the pictures were too distracting. I was trying to decide what the alien color looks like. Is it neon or just a lime green? Doesn't matter, not interested. THe add makes it seem like a low budget item.Just my opinion.
I'm not really too interested in the whole LED light thing right now, because I wont be finished with the opposite hand in 10 seconds anyway. Plus, I'll give'em a couple of years to come to an industry consensus on what's what.

I thought the packaging was hot though. It looked like "Gels...Powered by Android."
I purchased this kit mainly for the lamp. It cures my gelish and I hope it will cure the Opi Gel color. I am a little confused about the curing of thumbs because it looks like it is made for only 4 fingers. They told me you could cure the thumbs at the same time too. I want to be as fast as I can with application. Especially with toes! I need to do more testing. I wasn't really interested in their colors. Not cost effective compared to major brands as previously stated.
Does anyone know the wattage on the lamp? I couldn't find the specs. Just like not all UV lamps are created the same, it is the same with LED. The lower wattage LED lamps (<18 watts) require curing times that are close or equal to regular UV lamps. For approx $50 more, one could buy the Hand and Harmony or Geleration 30 watt LED lamp and know that you are getting something that will cure in published LED times.
I don't know the wattage but it does cure in the-10-30-20 secs for each coat as published for gelish.
I bought this lamp and it was a crazy deal, I got one color of the lightspeed polish, base top, cleanser, and remover plus a drill for the price of 199.00. I have yet to try to cure my gelish with this lamp but they said it would.


Do you like it, I find that putting your hand in straight is tight. Try to angle your hand in it, seemed to fit better.