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Full Version: Valentino or other ideas
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I have been using one of those cheapie nail dust collectors off of ebay the little white one with bags. It is no longer working so hot so now I need a new one. I want one that really works and is not cumbersome. I've read about the Valentino it looks good. Anybody have one and if so whats your thoughts? Or if you have a different dust collector what one is it and what are your thoughts?
ok...since you asked...

I have had the Valentino for about a month now. I hesitated ordering it because of having to work higher (~3 1/2 inches higher than the work surface).

-Tho that hasn't proven to be a problem, I do find I'm having problems with the client's hand being "locked" into a position that can be cumbersome. I am right handed. No problem doing their right hand, but their left hand is at the wrong angle. I can only get around this by having them shift to their right and moving the machine to my right. Then back again for the other hand. PITA.

-It is also quite loud. It needs to be turned up to a pretty high speed to be effective when cutting a backfill, or the bigger pieces of acrylic end up on me. You can talk over it, but it is awkward. I keep it running from the beginning of my prep, through application, and until I finish using the efile. I don't use it to hand file.

-It does do a pretty good job of controlling dust. My salon co-workers also say it does minimize the acrylic odor.

-The filter MUST be cleaned between each client. The amount of dust it accumulates is considerable.

Would I purchase it again? I'm not sure. Their return policy is pretty discouraging. You have 24 hours from receipt, and even then have to pay 25% restocking fee. It would help if there was a way I could recess it into my desk top, but it would be a problem under the desk.

I don't enjoy the acrylic services as much now with the Valentino, as before. However, I do know it's not good to breathe the dust...

I have Valentino.I also have a tall manicure table that I had made it has the double top so i keep my lamps under it so they are not on my table top .I do not like the unit on top of my desk a little to high but I am having a center cut out of it so the unit can set down hope this help let you know

Has anybody tried the Dina Meri portable vent system?

I'd like to try the Dina Meri as well. It looks lower than the Valentino. I'm just wondering about the filters and how they work and how often they need to be changed?
I have been using the Valentino for a few weeks now. The amount of dust it collects is amazing. I barely have any on my desk and never any on me or my hair anymore. I do shake the filter after pretty much each client into the garbage next to me, its probably not necessary but I do pick up a ton of dust per client since I file off a lot of product on gel manis.

Valentino is very interested in joining us at the NW Networking Event! We may be getting one unit to raffle as one of the prizes, and will have a show special. Smile It would be an excellent way for you to try it out and pick one up!
I would love to see the demo on the Valentino at the retreat. Show special pricing is a good incentive.
I'm no expert on engineer but I have pick apart enough of these machines to to know enough. Is there machine that can out perform the Valentino? yes. Is there a portable one that cost less than $350? in my opinion no and not thing in these range come close to be a contender.

Here are a few things that you all should put in consideration when looking at these air filters.

1. How much air is moving through the system.

The Valentino rated at 393 cfm Your bath room vent is about the same side and weight and only do 150-170 cfm of course it not a fair comparison because of the restriction by the filter, but compare to most systems out there, they all only have around 50-80 cfm, and the close contender like the sunflower which have a 12v 4" fan which is a supper size computer CPU fan they can move good a mount of air because of the fan clearance.
I'm impress that the Valentino can get enough clearance for maximum air flow and still keep the machine that low to the table.

2. Force-through air or pull through-air.

Force-through air have fan that force air through filter, which I don't like. All the dust and chemical have to travel thought the fan before they are trap by a filter or bag, so cleaning and maintaining is a pita, and if you don't clean the filter or empty often enough (if you are fully book this is a big problem) everything will blow right back out and create a bigger mess than you not using a filtering system.

Pull-through will have the filter before the fan which trap the odor and dust leaving not thing but clean air going through the machine, also with the filter on top making it take easy to get to, to empty out dust that can clog up between clients.

3. Cost of replacement filter.

Should I say a filter that work like it promises? Carbon activated filter is like a sponce they can only absorb so much before they are no longer work effectively on odor so make sure you do the math for the manufacture recommendation of how often you have to change them.

4. Noise control.

Anytime you move massive air (suction power) you will get noise just like your car with the window down the faster you go the more air pass by, hen the louder it get so I love how loud the Valentino get lol.
Variable speed control is the key, I crank it up when I need to control dust and turn it down, when I only need to control odor.

All and all so far I have had the Valentino since Orlando show and have gone to 3 filters. I like it so much that I got my wife a custom bling out one. She did have the same rant as most of you about the working position a and the noise, but the noise have seem to not be and issue for her anymore, I don't think it is any nosier that a hair dryer and just like the bathroom vent it have just become white noise. Personally I think the noise will not kill your ears but the dust will you, as for the height I have gotten use to it and don't think I can or would want to work with out one.
Check out how my wife Mindy using the machine to keep vapor away from her face at the same time using the vents to dry nails in between coat off polish.
I do this also when applying acrylic, by having the client place hand. next to the vent it help speeding up the curing process.

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