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Full Version: TEN & Soak off Gels
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I got some really good feedback from a customer about TEN and soak off colors. TEN Gel IS NOT a soakable gel and I get calls and e-mails about that really often. I use an electric file and a medium carbide to bit to remove any and all colors on gel nails and acrylic nails.
But I have learned from one of my customers that you can apply a soak off gel on TEN gel and it will easily soak off without any effect on the TEN gel under it.
I also get a lot of questions about using TEN with Shelack. I have applied Linkage, a good coat of TEN Gel and polished with Shelack and it worked really well without any drying affects to the nails. Just remember that when you soak, acetone is very very drying to the skin and nails so you might consider trying an electric file with a fine or medium carbide bit.
Soaking is drying so condition those nails very well !!
When applying a thin coat of ten, can you apply it just polish?
Yes, you can but if it's too thin, you might get some chipping back from the f/e. I usally do 2-3 thin coats for strength, then lightly buff out any little imperfections on the surface with a sponge buffer and blending the cuticle area with a VP safety bit. I apply the gel polish, seal it with another coat of TEN, then apply Diamond Shine. I've got lots of clients wearing gel color this way.