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Full Version: Pedicure sauna
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Saw it on the website for nail superstore. What do ya all think about it? Looks interesting to me...


I would like to see it in action. Its unfortunatly to large for my little space I rent in a salon, there's no room to store anything fun :cry: I was talking about it with a coworker, and she asked how hot it is, since steam comes from high heat. I have no idea. I also wonder how easy it is to give a pedicure with the size of it. Its fairly tall. Maybe someone else has it and can help up.
I am inventor of this system so please feel free to ask me any question.

1. There are 8 levels of temperature settings. You can control it with a remote control.

2. The system is very compact. It takes much less space then those throne pedicure spas.

3. The area where you put your feet inside the barrel has an opening big enough and not tall at all. We did demo at many tradeshows and have not had any complaint about the height.

[Image: 6006280188_2d8060769b_z.jpg]
I was intrigued too Kellz
Millie from Nail Talk Radio reviewed it here:
It looks like it might be time consuming to clean and disinfect.
Would have to see it in person though.


Thank you for the info Kevin, I still have no room to store this stea, tub. My space is sooooo small. Sad maybe when my dreams come true and I can open my own nail studio.


I purchased one of your red dragon steam pedi systems recently, and I am having some issues with it. It did not come with an instruction manual. What is the best way to contact you directly to get assistance? At the very least I would like a copy of the users manual.

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