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Full Version: What Kind of nail brush are you using?
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Hello All!, quick question for you .
I got my license a bit back and am trying to practice off and on as much as i can ( currently i am working in and insurance office...WOOHOO ) .. I am just curious what if any name brand acrylic brush as well as what size you each use...mabey i am just not using the best size brushes, ( i think that is wishful thinking on my part) I know i need alot of practice, but i suck .. thanks for any of your advice .
I'm not a nail tech but I use so many different kinds and sizes. It just depends on what I'm painting on the nails. Most of mine are small. The last brush I bought was from JoAnns. It is called a spotter brush. Really tiny. I'm sure someone else can give you more info. I'm still learning myself. Good luck!
i use opi comp brush... i love it. its a 10 Try to get some classes in. Makes all the difference. good luck!
I use Vicki Peter's #8 oval. It's the prefect size if you ask me. Smile
Tammy Taylor medium in flat and custom are my favorites. But I have a "Big Bertha" for a back-up- a very large brush.
for acrylic i wouldnt use anything other than my treasured entity brush. it goes to a point and will flatten to a great oval. LOVE!!!!!

for gel, i actually use a kolisnsky brush from simply simmons from the craft store. it really wors well! another of my faves is an nsi #7 touch tip acrylic brush.

I've spent TONS of money on brushes. My favorite and daily use brush is my EZFlow Grand Artist #8. I've only replaced it because I lost the first one. I've had it for 2 years and it has only had 2 hairs fray that i just nip off with my nipper. Still has it's point and everything (i treat my brushes well). Backup brushes for big or small fingers, toes...
1) Tammy Taylor Medium & Large Flat
2) Vicki Peters small #5 (3D and toes)
3) #16 that I don't know the brand, but I use it only for my sister who has nail beds the size of my big toe :lol: