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Full Version: gettig more custome with gelish
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) hi ya please help need to get more customers doing my gelish how do i do that please cause i only have a few and thats not enough as they dont have it done regular , but i believe in the gelish so much and trust it but all i need to do is push some how also not sure how much to charge what do you charge thanks so much ro ro
I had the same issue as I only do natural nails. I posted a special or $15 first time gel mani.... then after that I charge $25. It gets people in the door and then they see how great it is and almost always come back. Good Luck!


I offered it to my acrylic clients at the same cost as their acrylic fill and I promised them if they hated it, I would change them back to the acrylics within 7 days NO Charge. That way there was no pressure. For my clients that were getting natural manicures I have them the gel polish upgrade free the first time around. Its not really a loss in income that one time because most of them fell in love and want to continue doing it at the $10 add on price. Those who didnt like it so much, didnt loose any money getting it done.
Its enticing to get something complimentary at your appointments. And when we let them know how excited we are about the product they get on board pretty fast! Good luck to you. Big Grin
thanks guys ithink your right i shall get on and sort out some deals wink