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Full Version: Nail Popits USA - anyone use these?
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I am looking to purchase some of these to use with UV gel.

I like to have my own nails looking nice for clients, including some type of design or art work. It inspires clients to be more daring with their nails. However, it is awfully difficult for me to complete my own nails in a reasonable amount of time. I thought these might help. They also looked like an interesting solution for someone not very good at doing their own dominant hand.

Can anyone share their experience with these - are they easy to use with gel? I do not have any acrylic experience, just Light Elegance gel and TEN gel.
I use them. Not often, but I do have two older ladies that want the wildest flat nail art I can come up with ever two weeks. So, in my spare time I create the designs in their popits and then when they come in--I just have to prep their nails and fill/apply the popits.
They are a little trickier with gel--on your own nails in particular. But it can be done. Jennifer (she is Nailpopitsusa) has some good videos on youtube under "nailnana". Look her up. They are great tools. I am just a diehard sculptor.
I tried them but since I'm a tip user, they weren't the exact shap or curve of the tip and didn't work. But I think if I had time to play with them more, I could've figured out a way to make it work.