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Full Version: cost per application of Gelish?
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Does anyone know the price per application of Gelish? I know shellac is about $5 if you use their fancy wraps, it's about 2.50 if you don't. I'm thinking it's about the same? Thanks!![/img]
I don't know if your Shellac calculation is correct, but it sounds about right.

Keeping that in mind, A bottle of Gelish is twice the size (amount) of Shellac yet costs the same amount to purchase. Recommended application amounts are identical. They both work best with thin even coats. 1 base, 2 color, 1 top.
Mine is about $1.75 per application.
Thank you both for replying so quickly. Here is the information I received
UV Base Coat 7.3 mL (.25 fl oz) 35 $ 15.95 $ 0.46
UV Color Coat 7.3 mL (.25 fl oz) 20 15.95 0.80
UV Top Coat 7.3 mL (.25 fl oz) 20 15.95 0.80
shel Lac remove r wraps
Shellac Remover Wrap Pack 10-pk 1 $ 2.95 $ 2.95
Shellac Remover Wraps 100-pk 10 24.95 2.50

I never thought about the Gelish being twice as much product as Shellac so the price per ounce would definitley be different. Smile

Thanks again!!