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Full Version: Liability insurance
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I passed my state boards!! I am now working for a salon and am on a commission split for two months and then transfer over to booth rental. The owner requires each of us to have our own liability insurance. Has anyone heard of Hands on Trade ins company? That is the one that the other nail tech and estheticians use at the salon I'm at. Any info is appreciated.
I've heard of them, don't know anything about them. I just got superior coverage with American Family. I'm paying $22 a month for $1mill. liability (plus coverage of my property if it is ever damaged, plus a bunch of other stuff I would never have thought of.). Check them out!
One of my nail tech friends uses them and she seems to be very happy with them. Thinking I may need to check them out too!


Congrats on passing your boards. Hands on does not cover personal property. With going to booth rent you need to make sure all your equipment, supplies, etc. are covered in case of theft, fire, etc. I've had coverage with State Farm, Travelers and Hanover. Be sure and get all the coverage you need because your salon owner will not cover. Your owner is smart in requiring you to have it, most don't give it a thought.

P.S. Just wanted to mention you will probably save some money if you pay at least per quarter, half year or the whole year, instead of per month.
Congrats! I called my insurance company, which is State Farm, and I got a policy I think was $500k, and $5,000 for my property. It's about $27/month. The price probaby varies according to where you are located.

Good luck!