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Well I am 23. Did an apprenticeship w/my cousin when I was in adult ed. (alternative high school). Luckily got to be a part of the co-op program (school paid for books,etc. & I got credits for high school) when I was 16. I worked w/my cousin in her salon & waited until I was 17 to go take my state boards. After that worked with her off & on for a couple years,took a break for a couple years,then went to work in tanning salon about 2 1/2 years ago. There were a couple of women that I worked with, but currently I am the only one & enjoy it by myself (for the most part)! I am thinking about doing an apprenticeship for one of my friends,so that would be awesome! If anyone has ever taught someone to do nails, I could use any advice! Have a nice day :wink: