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Full Version: Just finished painting my sterilizer tray & UV lamp
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I bought it white. Painted it pink and black zebra, got bored with that and brought it home along with my UV lamp to paint to match this time. I wanted to do something way more ME. This is based on one of my vector paintings I did for my own computer desktop background. So I decided to hand paint this with acrylic paints. I have some glitter in the flowers and stars. I will seal in mod podge gloss and clear acrylic spray tonight.
[Image: Tray-1.jpg]
OMG I love it!! I never even thought to do this. The closest I came to decorating anything on my desk is putting a big blinged out J on my e-file, lol.

Very cute!
Wow Peggy!! I wish I could paint like that. I wish you were closer - I'd love to have you paint my stuff for me. Smile


Thank you gals. I guess I should have put this image as a reply to the blinged out UV lamp thread. Oops. No biggie. And I do plan on painting my lamp tonight to match. I will upload that pic too.
Its a very simple design. And if your not able to paint things like that you can always find the images you like, that speak your personality, and print them the size you need, glue them with mod podge matte to your lamp or tray or jar and seal them with mod podge gloss, matte or luster. and then add a clear coat of pray paint type sealer. If the mod podge feels tacky when dry. Humid climates are worse for that sticky when dry feel.
I love it! You are so good!


Very creative Peggy. How does it wear?


Just finished my UV lamp as well. I will seal them later so they have time to dry, but its best to get the photos done when its matte so there is no glare. I am glad you all like um.

[Image: lamp1.jpg]


Quote:idonls : Very creative Peggy. How does it wear?

I still have the small UV Light with the cherry blossoms, and then this tray I had painted that zebra for 6 months before I decided to change it. Because I didn't seal the mod podge all the way around it was easy for me to pry off. But it stays on through washing and wiping and storing. I never had a problem with scratching or things sticking to the sealant. The old lamp I would keep in my cabinet when not in use, so they can be handled without worry. I will use a second type of acrylic sealant to keep the mod podge from being tacky as right now I have my swamp cooler going and it's humid in my home so it won't dry like I want without it. The uv lamp I painted before, was sanded first, the tray was not, that is also why I was able to pry the paint off. I wasn't sure I wanted to keep that image so I did that on purpose. But this time with the tray, I sanded it first so it wasn't shiny.
Love it!!

I have I know that is a great free-hand painter & she's doing my lamp soon. Can't wait!
Love it Peggy! You're very talented!!!
<3 it!!!
Smile Love it!! Sooooooooooo cool...
Wow, so cool! Love it!


The image style is my favorite of my vector digital paintings. Very Tim Burton which screams my name LOL. Thanks for all the compliments.
Very lovely. Smile
Great Job Peggy! I am not a very good artist, but you my friend are so very talented!


Thank you thank you thank you!
that is soooo cool!