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Full Version: I'm stuck on yellowing nails, I need some feedback please.
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Client wears p&w. prep, dehydrate 99% alcohol, linkage, T.E.N gel, shape, smooth, top coat....we have tried, gelish, YN (shine not Gloss), Diamond Shine. each time yellowing Sad She does not use a tan accelerator or bronzer. She does go to the tanning booth. No spray tans. No pinesol (that was a yellower for a different client), bleach or other harsh chemicals that may be breaking down the top coat. Here is what is really eating me up, she is my ONLY yellowing client. I use T.E.N for everyone! She feels that the discoloration is in the gel not the top coat.
Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated, this is really stressing me out!
Thank you
Does the yellowing come off with acetone or buff off?