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Full Version: Traveling Spa advertising/promoting help
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Does anyone have any tips or advice on where to advertise my traveling spa?
I do spa parties, individual appt & I go to corporations and do the employee's nails.
Would love to grow my business!
Thanks Big Grin
Does Michigan allow mobile services? So many states do not, as they want to be able to have a fixed location to inspect. If you haven't already you might want to check into that. Otherwise your advertising is going to be similar, but you could target more of the church/mommy & me groups and solicite to corporate HR services.
Try to team up with a home party rep ( avon, lia sophia pampered chef) offer to do the reps nails once if you can giver her a stack of flyers to tuck in her magazines,

Put posters up at high schools

Put posters at medi clinics

Ask biger companys if you can put posters in their lunch rooms

I leave my business cards every where! Banks, mall bathrooms, clinics, hospital waiting rooms.

If you have a couple neices or daughters offer to pay them 20$ if they hand out 1000 flyers in your busiest downtown office interesections.