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Full Version: Forms - General Sizes?
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Any feedback on which brands of forms you like is appreciated. I need to purchase some and intend to get small amounts from a couple of vendors and looking for suggestions.

Tammy Taylor and United Nails both have three different types of forms- one for regular nails that is a basic round, one for a high hyponicium that is more oval, and one for flat and square nails. United might be a bit less expensive than TT. I am looking at some from Republic Nails that have the "wings"- I don't like the rectangular or horseshoe forms.
I absolutely LOOOOOOVE Harmony's forms. So easy to use Smile
Harmony all the way! I LOVE them! sometimes i the cut the circle tab underneath to have more of a flat spot under the free edge to fit them depending on the shape of the nails. Warning they are very sticky which i love but can be a pain till you get used to them. Having a form pop open is a pain...these never do that!
I am in love with the forms from Odyssey! They are stickier than the forms I had been using and so easy to use! I believe they are a bit thicker than what I was using, not flimsy at all. They just seem to fit on the finger really well and my daughter who uses them too says they are wonderful!
Thank you for the input!
I used TT forms for years and loved them. Someone gave me a sample of OPIs and these are so much easier to use. Love them