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Full Version: What is going on in the forum? Whoa. (Facebook)
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Did it just change right before my eyes? Freaky deaky. Suddenly we can "click to share" when you hover over an avatar, but only on certain threads. This seems like it will be fun.

Maybe I'm old school but I still don't know how to tweet. My life isn't that interesting anyway Tongue
wish the "like" button was on individual posts, too, rather than the threads.....but overall, it's nice.
One baby step at a time Donna Smile

Yep I added that new bar and I hope you all like it.. if it doesnt work out - BTW its going to be across the entire site at some point.. I'll have to remove it.. is anyone using it????
I've been clicking the like button on topics that I really like but I'd rather it be for individual replies rather than the thread sometimes.....
i am thrilled.. way to go deb!! i too wish it were replys but hey its a start ..woohoo
I am hoping to have it on individual posts when I get the updated version running.. gotta give me time tho ladies Smile and ya dont have o know how to tweet, hover on an image, wait for the black band, click and choose the icon of the social networking you currently use