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Full Version: the saga of the YELLOW nails!!! harmony liquid or gelish??
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every single one of my P&W clients have come in this week with YELLOW ACRYLIC!!!! OMG what is going on???? i wrote last week about it and how i changed my brush. well, i am beginning to think that it was a bad bottle of harmony liquid! i did notice that around 2 weeks ago while doing fills, the acrylic was setting up too fast. why wasn't that a sign for me?? i think in the back of my mind i was blaming the weather and/or humidity=(((( i am so dissappointed. so i went away on a vacation for a few days and while away i started thinking that i was going to go back to retention+ that i had used for years and years with no problems. so this week i went back to CND's retention+....please keep your fingers crossed for me. HOWEVER, the only other thing i am thinking it could *maybe* be is the gelish top coat. i started using top it off on acrylics instead of a gel sealer. i file off all of the TIO at the beginning of each appointment.....maybe i'm not getting it all off? but when i say yellow acrylic, i mean ALL OVER yellow. if it was from not getting the TIO removed all the way, wouldn't it just be yellow on those places?? does anyone have any similar experiences with TIO?
Ok I think you might be on to something. I have the Gelish Top Gloss (white bottle) as well as the Harmony Reveal Sealer (black bottle) and I have stopped using the Gelish Top Gloss as it does yellow over time. I haven't used the Reveal Sealer for a long time so I will give it a try and let you know the results.
are these cleints tanning using a colored tanning lotion or activator like you can get in tanning salons?
I would have to say it is most likely the Top it Off. i have noticed that on some of the lighter colours of Gelish that it will yellow on my clients and is specially bad for clients that smoke.

I think that the TIO is a soak off, so that would make it more porous. But I know you have to rough it up to get it to soak maybe it isn't.

I also have the UV Sealer from Harmony and it doens't do that ...or I haven't had that happen.
How are you storing your products? Never store powders on the same shelf or above your liquid. It can contaminate your powders. Also keep top coats away from the sun or from under a light source.
I have had the same problems with TIO with P/W and lighter Gelish colors also. Turns yellow.
Just wondering why you're using Top It Off for your acrylics?
colleen, i am using the top it off as a sealer on pink & whites instead of the IBD intense seal i used to use.

ok, i'm pretty sure it IS the top it off!!! i have one p&w client who hates the really shiney shine that you get from the gel sealers so she prefers for me to use seche vite top coat on her nails. guess what?? NO YELLOWING!! so i guess i switched to retention+ for no reason :roll: well, at least i figured that out!!!
ive been having the same problem with all my pink and white clients with the top coat yellowing!!! i agree with *thepinkchair* i too think its because the soak off top coat is more porous and therefore lets stains and contaminates soak in, and stain the top coat. a friend told me that if i used a non acetone based nail polish remover and wipe it over the yellowed top coat, that it may brighten it.... i haven't tried it yet.
i'm thinking of switching to the seche vite top coat now after reading what *nailnazi* said.
Top It Off always yellows any white gel I put down, even over a white or crystal glitter, it turns yellow after a few days.