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Full Version: New Salon - LONG
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Okay so where to begin? Well 6 weeks ago, me and my co-workers were notified that the owner of the salon we were working at was closing. The owner and one of our other co-workers had decided to open a new salon about 15 minutes further north out of the city limits.

All of us (there are 9) were told we could go with them if we wanted, but only one girl wanted to go with them. We have a prime location and no one wanted to move to this new location.

One of the hairdressers came to me and asked me if we got a new owner in the salon would I stay at our current location? Of course, I said, "Yes." Well, it happened, we found someone interested in opening his own salon and it would be a joint venture between him and his partner. All six of us stayed with the new owner.

So for the past 4 weeks, we have all been working to make this happen. We closed the old shop on Friday Oct 28th at 1 pm. Had about an hour to clean out our stations, so that the owner of the old salon could move all the items from that salon out to her new salon north of town. We then began renovating on Monday night. We worked like crazy for a week, completely painting, decorating, putting stations together (most which came with NO direction). Nothing except for the main structure of the salon is the same. When the old owner left, she took everything.

Of course, my desk came and it was the wrong one. So we had to wait to get the correct desk in. It arrived at 4pm yesterday and took us until about 9pm to get the thing together. We then had to figure out placement of the desk, and I had to load in all my supplies for today; I left the salon at 11pm last night.

The last month has been so stressful, I can not even begin to explain everything that has happened. From myself getting extremely sick the week before the old shop closed and missing 4 days of work, to my Uncle having a heart attack and ending up in a coma and we are now just waiting for him to die after taking him off the ventilator. It has been HORRIBLE. Plus not working another week this month to renovate the salon! I have been on the verge of a nervous breakdown for about 3 weeks now.

Opening this morning...8:30am Wish me luck! Fully booked today.

Pictures to come Wink
oh hun its gonna be fine, you must believe that. you all have worked hard and it will be great! so sorry for your woes that all sounds kinda cruddy. i am sure its piling up as hard as a train wreck, get thru this week and your first day off just let it all out..
have a great day today and wishing you lots of luck!!!
looking forward to pics
This makes me thinnk of an older song with a message I have used myself.......a line goes like this.....
"It will be worth it after all, chils, it will be worth it after all."
I'm so sorry for all your stress but the new salon sounds like it's going to work out coz it looks like all of the people who work there seem to care and pull together! Load yourself with LOTS of stress relieving vitamins RIGHT NOW! You need B complex and Vit C for sure. I've found when I'm under high stress for a long time that when it's over, my immune system goes down and bam! I'm sick with whatever is going around at the time. Stay well, take the defensive and hang in there!


Sorry I didn't see your post earlier today. Sorry to hear about your Uncle. I'm sure that, in itself, is very stressful, let alone everything else you are going through.

It sounds like the shop is on the right track and with all of you having already worked together, half the battle is done. Hopefully your new salon owner will work out and will work well with all of you. Your hard work will pay off, so think positive and as Tim Gun of Project Runway says, "Make it Work"....... :wink:

Let us know how your first day went!!
Thank you for your comments! Our first week thus far has been a huge success. And I have already gained 3 appointments from Mark (our new owner). The salon is ALMOST finished, we have a couple little things to work on, but I will post a link to the photos I have so far of the place. It is so beautiful! People step in and almost step back out because they think they are in the wrong place :lol: It is amazing what 10-16 people can do in a week! Talk about extreme salon makeover!!!

You all deserve a huge pat on the back!!!

It sounds like you have been through some very sole strengthening issues of late but now you're on the other side of it all and it sounds like it's going to be a great success.

I couldn't get the 1st link to work so can't see the old salon but the new salon is just divine......a job well done to you all!

Now that the salon is open and you have got through the initial opening stages, it's time for you to relax a bit and enjoy the new salon and everything it will being to youSmile

Also sending you hugs for this difficult time with your uncle. I hope he is at peace soon and I truly wish you all the best.