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Full Version: Konad vs. Bundle Monster
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I just bought the Monster Bundle and wanted to compare it to the Konad Plates.
Well I really like the Konad plates over the Monster bundle. I really like the Monster Bundle designs, but I can't seem to get the right polish for a good imprint. The top pinkie finger and ring finger were done with the Monster bundle plate #BM16 and I used L.A Colors Black Nail striper. I tried my other blacks from OPI , but they didn't work as well. They came out lighter than the other nails, which when I used the Konad plate #M57 it turned out very nice and dark. I know they have special (expensive) polish, but I am going to see what polish will work well for the monster bundle, since I have 21 plates of it now. It was a good deal on $17.99 for 21 plates. I will try more if I can find the right polish for them, but I really do like the Konad plates more right now. So here is what I did and I will add more as I play. If you gals have any tips on working with the Monster bundle plates it would be much appreciated!
[Image: Rhonda8-11copy.jpg]
I think they all look good!
Thanks Colleen!
I like those Julie. Never heard of the Monster Bundle before. I have a few Konad plates, but can't seem to get the hang on using them. It's hard to make sure I have them in the same place on every nail. : (
I got the monster bundle as well. I didn't buy any of the Konad polish (they are spendy)
What I was told to try is. Get some nail art polish from a dollar store. Let it sit open so it thickens up. They try it again.
I have found that a black with glitter $1 polish works pretty well with out leaving it open.
I haven't played around with them in a while. So I haven't left any of the polishes open. If I do try it I'll let you know how it works. If you try it let me know. Smile

Good luck.
Sherrie: If you decide to get rid of them let me know I may want them. I am really enjoying playing with them!

AngelaJ36: The black that I used was exactly that, but didn't work very well for the Monster Bundle. Worked great though with the Konad Plates. I will report my findings once I have tried different things. Thanks for the Tip!