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Full Version: Does anyone know the average Booth Renter's weekly rent????
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Hi everyone, I just want to thank everyone who has comented on my posts, you all have been a wonderful support.
I am located in Toronto Canada, but please share your comments even if you are not in Canada, and looking to open an upscale nail bar, I am also looking to have more booth renters and maybe 1-2 nail techs on commission.
Does anyone know the average weekly rent a B.R. pays in an upscale salon downtown toronto???
Does a booth renter need to have both a manicure and a pedicure station reserved for her when she comes in or can share with other booth renters and employees?

Thank you guys
depends on the area on the country and the location of the salon.
Wide range. You might want to nail down a location you are asking about some someone in that area might be able to help you better.
It can vary from town to town. About 45-50 miles from here it is doubled.
I pay a set $100 a week, and I've heard of other places charging only $75.

I think you would need to quarantee the b.r.'s a place to work, otherwise, what's the tech paying for?

BTW, I looked at the pix of Rouge and that's a really nice set up! I believe if someone set up something like that in our area, it would go over pretty well! It would be a great place for the newbies to get their 'feet' wet, imo.
I'm in AZ. You could pay $100-$150+/- a week.