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Full Version: Interesting News Story
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I came across this interesting news story.
Thank You, for sharing that Julie.

here is another one from Nails Mag.

There are many others that have come along with innovating products or techniques/teaching that not only make our job easier but also give us the big paycheck that we have at the end of each week. Take time to give them the honor and not picking at what they're doing is not what you believe is the right thing to do (sometime believes is influence by others)

In a few weeks I'll have the honor to come on NTR to give honor to some of my heroes, and most of all shedding some light on the Vietnamese nails industry. so line up your questions to put me on the chopping board for going there.
I think that some of these ladies are very talented! It's nice to recognize those that have contibuted to the industry in a positive way!


What an awesome story. Big Grin
Great story.

I have been in that school on a Work Trip in CA.

It is really nice, and modern and the students work very hard.

I can honestly say it was one of the most impressive Beauty School facilities I have been in....and I have been in quite a few.