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Full Version: Regular Polish on clothes
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Have any of you found something that removes regular nail polish from clothing. I dropped a jar of regular polish, it shattered and some polish got on my favorite pair of pants. Got some of it out with polish remover, acetone just smeared it around. Appreciate any advice. Thank you!
I've had some luck putting a thick towel on the top of the fabric and blotting with acetone from the underside. The towel will help pull the color from the fabric. Hope that made sense! One pair of jeans I had years ago that got a polish stain, I just embroidered over the stain. (Yes, I AM a leftover hippie from the 70s!)
Best of luck!

Jan in CO


Jan, thank you for the information. Sorry to reply back late, but wanted to try it first. Got most of it out. Maybe in time repeated washing will get it out. Thank you again!!