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Full Version: Sally's has Gelish
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While surfing I found this site.

Check out those gift sets. Confusedhock:

The public does not have to go to Sally's, they can find Gelish far cheaper on Amazon. So why are we nail techs still spending $16.95 for a bottle at NTS?



I just ordered Reserve and I need a tan from a highly rated supplier on amazon for $11.50 a bottle, shipping was $4 so it's only a savings of some change, But I have an amazon chase card with points that took $7 off my total. Im happy. I would still rather buy from my local supplier and Suzanne let me know I should contact my local Freemans. I also have a place called the nail peddler but their selection is limited still. I guess I would prefer to pay a little more for new colors so I can see how they look. I did have left over refund Money on that CC so essentially my order just cost me a whole $3 after it's all said and done on the statement.
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