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Can we apply feather hair extensions with a nail specialist license? Not sure if you need a license to apply them since your not cutting, glueing or coloring...
I used to have my nail license in Florida. I would say that you're not able to do feathers. I think only cosmetologists are able to do anything pertaining to hair. Sucks though, cause feathers are so popular here and I imagine they are in Florida as well!
Hmmm? Thats interesting. I just got back from vacation in Nj. I was on the boardwalk and they were selling the feathers there. It was a bunch of teenie boppers working there and putting them in the hair. They didnt look like they were licensed (or even old Guess I'll have to call the state board and find out...
Ok, this is what I found on the state page. You DO NOT need a license to....

Provide wig/hair piece fitting service, in conjunction with the sale of the wig/hair piece

as long as no cosmetology services are performed (e.g., hair cutting, shaping, coloring, etc.).

So I guess I can do this?...What do you all think?
I would call them. They list the deifinition plus it's being not limited better safe than sorry, especially if you will be performing the service out of a license establishment and not in a retail setting. 850.487.1395

HW - A "hair wrapper" means a person who is licensed to engage in the practice of wrapping manufactured materials around a strand or strands of human hair, for compensation, without cutting, coloring, permanent waving, relaxing, removing, weaving, chemically treating, braiding, using hair extensions, or performing any other service defined as cosmetology.


Adding feathers to the hair via the crimp bead is not a cosmetology regulated deal.
Straight from the horse's mouth, you will need to get your Hair Wrapper's certification. It's an artificial application to hair, so they do regulate it. They say it's a short course. Depending on how popular you think it might be, might be worth it financially.