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Full Version: client's nails brittle after she takes off polish
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I have a client of the salon that was inquiring about my services today and mentioned that her nails split and peel every time she wears polish. More particularly after she takes it off. She said that the splitting is in both horizontal and vertical directions. Could this be a reaction to the formaldehyde or something else in polish? In the 21 years I've been at this I've never heard anything like this. She does have eggshell nails that don't seem to be peeling, that they are bending down at the free edge. I just did a test nail of Gelish on her though to see if maybe that might be the solution for her.


I have a client who's nails will become white in spots and peel after using polish and remover for a few months straight. I know it's dryness as she is only wearing nail polish. I have her go nekid and only use oil. I say several times a day. I tell her no polish, for at least 7 days. We usually go 10 maybe more depending. It really does stop all the peeling and we can go back to mancures. They won't get dry and peel again for several months.
I like the idea of keeping them covered with gel polish, but the soak off process might make her peeling worse. There is a huge discussion going on a few threads down, on shellac and white spots. Doug is saying its not the product or the acetone, but damage from the pusher.
I don't know how this is the only way it's seen by some, since I remove the SOGP on my clients using different brands and only once in a while will I see spots and they go away the next time, so if it's damage I would think it would still be there.
Doug Schoons brain has a video on egg shell nails and what happens to them in water, I think if you have her use oil for a few weeks she might see that splitting go away. Just no nail polish and polish removers or cleaning chemicals. Big Grin