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Full Version: Swarovski Crystals
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I have a request ..I have used a few on some nails..just not the whole toe or fingers
any advice ladies? I guess this is called a Crystal Pedicure or manicure
I was planning on using my UV polishes or SOG gels so it can be soaked off easily

Also where is the best place for purchasing crystals?

I am super excited to try this..looks so cool!
I have some for sale at a great price and I listed them in the swap shop. You can also e-mail me at [email protected]
The easiest way to do the whole nail is to apply a layer of gel or SOG, use a picker to place the crystals and then cure, add one or two layers of clear gel on top. If you're using coloured sog you need to be careful not to make a mess with the picker.

If you're doing several nails on one hand or foot fully covered in crystals you might want to flash cure between fingers or cure after just a few fingers, because they tend to run out of place with the gel if left alone. Or if you use a really thick gel to embed you can just poke them all back where they belong before curing as a thick gel won't run over cuticles.
Thanks so much for the advice Big Grin

I was going to use 1 thin coat of color to coordinate with the stones so that there were colorless spaces in between the stones.
Then I was gonna cure the color first & place all the stones on top of the sticky layer in order to set them so that they won't slide around...I am assuming this would work since when I had previously use stones for nail art this is how I would set them
Then top coat with Gelish "Top it Off" 2 thin coats

Gelish & Entity are my preferred SOGS.

Anyone have any other advice? I appreciate it.
I have been doing nails 20+ years but I am still new to nail-art since I came from a very conservative salon & there was never a request for it! (eventho I did play & experiment..LOL)
I am having such a blast that my new clients want it all now!!!!

I did check out the Swap Shop.
But I need more crystals than that. I think I am going to use the less expensive stones for now JIC this does not work out as planned or there is not enough interest in the look.
OMG i just saw that in Nails...awesome! Take a pic when you do them i would love to see them!
We use lots of crystals at the salon where I work. We buy ours from Trans Design. Their prices are very good ($29.95 for 1440 crystals) and they ship fast. Hope that helps Smile
I had someone recently ask me about that. What would you charge per nail for that?
I would also love to know what you are charging. Could you tell me what the cost is per finger/toe and also for all the nails.

I have found (when only using a few rhinestones) that if I cover the rhinestones in gel, they are not as sparkly, so I try to go around each stone to seal it and keep it from popping off. Of course, that would be impossible when covering the whole nail in stones. Have you found that using gel over the stones that it dulls them?

Thanks so much for your help!
yes it does dull the stones when u put a sealer on top..gel or top coat..i have seen some stones maintain their beautiful shine so i am really interested in the THICK gel..never heard of it & it may be the answer to not having to put topcoat or gel on top of the stones..