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Full Version: Dont forget Nail talk Radio tonight!
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Danny Haile with Harmony will be on.
Is this on satellite radio or something?


I didnt know where to listen. I followed the links in their own thread but I was lost as to where else to click. The facebook page didnt help me much and the bing site was like a foreign language to me. Any way to listen to it now?
Hi guys - sorry if ning is a bit confusing - we are working on that. There are 2 different ways to listen live - you can call in to our number (917) 932-8407 or you can go to the site and sign up as a member from there, on the homepage there is a chat room on the main page to chat with us during the show and above that there is a "blog talk radio" widget - press the play button and it will stream the show.

You can also listen to the show after it airs from our archives - we will post the link on our facebook page (
Last night's show is available at

Hope that this helps! Any other questions - let me know!