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Full Version: Newbie here with a question!!
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Hey everyone!! My name is Tasha and I am a newbie when it comes to nails. I am currently enrolled in school and I will be taking my state license exam in three more weeks. After passing the exam I would like to start my own in home business. My question is does anyone know any links with nail art tutorials. I don't know if I am looking in the right spot?? I have been on youtube and I haven't really found anything. I am looking for something creative and somewhat simple. Thanks in advance!!
Well the easiest designs to do are stripes and dots. There are so many different ways you can do it also. You just need a striping brush, a dotting tool and some acrylic craft paints. I used to practice by finding pictures nails on the internet and copying them until I did enough that I could come up with my own ideas. It's much easier starting out if you have a picture to go by. Also rockstar nails are easy and look great.
I found a bunch of nail art videos on You Tube. All I did was searched for Nail Art. Smile

Good luck on your exams.
Best of luck to you, Tasha, on your State Boards ! Big Grin