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Full Version: The Evolution of Acrylics
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Hi techs!
I'm working on a story for Nailpro magazine about acrylics. Gels are hot right now, but acrylics are more updated and modern than ever, with much improved performance over those clunky acrylics of the past! I would love techs to send me any of their best tips, tricks and techniques for working with these improved liquid-and-powder products. Also, what types of clients are they best for? How do you introduce acrylics to clients and talk about them so clients know they're not the acrylics of old? And any other information about how you've seen them evolve over the years is welcome! Please email me with your thoughts at [email protected] by October 21, and don't forget to include your full name, salon name and city/state so I can give you credit! Thanks!
Tracy Morin
Contributing writer, Nailpro
[email protected]