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Full Version: Mani/Pedi Questions. Please Help
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Hello guys. I am starting a new salon (I have another post here and you guys are awesome at writing back) and I want to do a sale forecast but I do not know how many manis and pedis each nail tech will do per week. What is the standard number? What about waxing? which type of waxing is most common?
Also, what is the service that brings in most money?

Hope to hear back.

Thank you
I know these are a lot of questions and I have many more. Does anyone have a business plan that they used for their business when they opened their nail bar, or does anyone know of a good sample specific for a nail salon/bar?

Thank you
Ask 10 different nail tech and you will get 10 different answers. It depends on many factors such as experience, location, price, etc.

For my salon brow and lip waxes are the most common. I make the most money per service on facials. Second highest is massage.

Pedis happen more often than mani's. The number per week varies by the salon (we are seasonal where I am at).

A nail tech should never be expected to work 9-6 with a one hour lunch break and be doing a client all time in between. This industry is not like others, and the job can be physically and mentally exhausting. In fact, according to the massage therapist association, full time for a massage therapist is only 17 clients per week. Nail techs have no well known association like this to set standards, but 40 1-hour clients per week should not be a goal (but if you can find a nail tech that prefers to work that way, she is heaven sent- fantastic!).
Ohh footie, you are a God sent.
Thank you for the reply.
I did not know that pedis are more comon than manis. I am located in a country which has all 4 seasons so you can say that I will also have a seasonal nail bar.
I acctualy forcasted that each nail tech have between 3-6 clients per day that will do manis and/or pedis. What I am really confused is the number of wax clients per day. What about leg, arm, stomach and bikini waxing, are they popular and which is most popular? Is waxing seasonal as well?

Again thank you.