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Full Version: Airbrush French Manicure/Pedicure?
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I really stink at French manicure/pedicure services, and so does my staff. I was wondering if an airbrush could be the answer. I really, really want to offer clients a great French service, and I thought maybe airbrushing would give a less bumpy, less heavy, more even professional result.

Most important too - can you use an airbrush successfully on toes?!? Are airbrushes fairly user friendly, or do they require a very artistic person to use them?

I even traveled eight hours to attend a special class in the spring to try to learn great French techniques, but I didn't come away with much that helped me - so I couldn't help my staff either. I know that practice makes perfect, but I am too picky and too slow to make any money doing this by hand.

Would anyone share their thoughts on this?

I would like to use an airbrush in conjunction with UV/LED cured gel polishes. Is anyone providing manis/pedis this way - is it even possible and what would be the steps?

What company sells a great airbrush? Does anyone provide classes with this type of equipment?

I checked around on the internet a bit, but only found Bio Seaweed Gel recommending French manicure airbrushing, and also the "Too Much Fun" company.

I have been noticing this summer that our clients that we don't have time to get into our schedule always seem to come in later with a French service done at the local NSS salon with a perfect French application. I won't let our staff do French manis/pedis because we can't do them attractively and professionally. Obvious to me that our clients want French services and I am disappointed that we can't give them what they want. Hmmm...

Would love to hear some input on airbrushing!!

Thanks a bunch - Jan
idk abt airbrushing, but what are your french mani techniques? it took me some time to perfect my smile line (and im a perfectionist) but i got it down. i use a french clean up brush when i use polish. I do the reverse technique whenever i do acrylics. and when i dont get it perfect to my standards, i use a nice glitter line to hide the mistakes :lol:
I have a little experience with airbrushing. You do not need to be artistic to do a french manicure since you use a stencil as a guide. With short nails it may be more difficult to avoid the skin. Another idea is to use those 'sticker guides' for polish, and white tips for acrylic/gel
airbrushing is fast for french, but it will chip easy if you don't have the right topcoat. If you use a top coat that can keep them on then it will take a long time to take them off so at the end of day it will still cost you the same a mount of time as hand paint it on. Airbrush equipment are tempermental also you got to maintain them properly for them to work so you are putting more time in your work day, unless you get more then 10 french a day then it worth paying for the cost of setting up.

it's not that hard to learn how to do a french fast.

you can get a brush that design to do that french here.
How are you doing your manis currently? IDK if this is totally the wrong way of doing it, but I've found that my french time has been cut in half or even to one third for deep smile lines since I've started using the dot (marble) tool for the mani. This only works with gel or gel polish though, not regular nailpolish. I pick up a small ball of white gel, use the dot tool to "push" the french where I want it, then spread the gel / SOG so it covers the entire area and allow it to self-level before curing.

You've got to be careful with the amount of gel you use so there is enough that it levels but not so much that it won't cure properly or that it will run to the edges. But it is a lot faster than using a brush and one layer is enough coverage.
Many thanks to everyone for your ideas - very helpful. I'm still a little new to doing nails and this forum has helped me trememdously.

I have some dotting tools that I have not broken out yet - and I will for the gel services!!

The other regular french manicure video was also very helpful. I had to chuckle as I think the young lady in the video may not even be a nail tech and she does a nice looking French manicure - I have a few years experience and I just about pass out from fear when a client asks for a French service...

oh yea and you can use cnd nailfresh with a q-tip to clean up the smile lines (polish).